Wide angle lenses are popular among the all professional and beginner photographers for making stunning landscape photography, travel photography, architectural photography, wildlife photography, etc.

Other lenses cannot make photographs as the wide angle lens’s output. Wide angle lens is specifically designed for wide capture field of view.

Wide angle lens can be captured wide-area like a group of mountains or group of buildings in one photo frame without going far away from the target object.

Wide angle lenses are identifying the value of focal length. Basically, wide angle lenses are categorized as focal length value is equal to 35mm or below 35mm.

wide angle lens tips

Hence, there is a subcategory of wide angle lens. That is Ultra wide angle lens, and it has less than 24mm focal length value. Most of people are called “fisheye” lens.

Basically, wide angle lenses can be used to make amazing creative photographs using different techniques. Wide angle lens was designed to create a spherical view of the field, add distortion, and uniquely it has curved corner edges creatively.

Here, I have listed 8 best tips to make stunning and creative photographs by using the broad field of view in a wide angle lens.

Tips for using wide angle lens

1. Wide foreground

When you consider about landscape photography, the large foreground is the important thing to add some quality appearance.

wide angle lens tips

Above image was captured by Nikon “D5100” camera with 18.0mm focal length lens. Camera settings are configured as ƒ/13.0 aperture. 1/200s shutter speed and 100 ISO value.

According to the photography, the foreground has been done the huge quality enhancement for its stunning appearance.

wide angle lens tips

However, if it was focused some particular scene as the below photograph, viewers will feel dull, and they may leave on it.

2. Don’t forget the sky with a wide angle lens

The sky is a generous nature creation. Therefore you do not forget to take advantage of the beauty of the sky.

Basically, blue sky with uneven cloud arrangement has an eye wording look.

wide angle lens tips

When you are using a wide angle lens, you do not need to worry about to give some portion to the sky in your photo frame, due to the wide view of the field.

Apart from that, the sun and sun flames can be used to make stunning photography outputs. Sometimes photo editors try to add sun flame manually to make their photographs in a stunning way.

3. Neglect the unwanted distortion from the wide angle lens

Wide angle lenses always try to make corner curved look. Therefore you have to pay your attention for the distance of your target object, as well as the horizontal and vertical lines of the scene.

If you make a large distance as much as you keep between you and your capturing object, you may avoid the distortion which is produced by wide angle lens.

wide angle lens tips

Here, “Canon EOS-1ds Mark Iii” camera was used to capture this photograph with 20.0mm focal length lens, ƒ/3.5 aperture, 1/100s shutter speed and 100 ISO value.

This image was captured with 1 m distance to the target object. You can see the edges have distorted to make a bit of abnormal appearance for final output.

wide angle lens tips

This photography was captured by “Canon EOS 5d” camera with 12.0-24.0 mm lens. The lens was fixed to 12.0mm focal length, ƒ/8.0 aperture, 1/30s shutter speed and 400 ISO Value.

Photographer accurately follows the horizontal and vertical lines with a DSLR camera position. The DSLR camera was kept as the perpendicular to the vertical lines.

Therefore the photographer could reduce the bad effect from the wide angle lens distortion.

4. Wide angle lens for fast-moving objects

wide angle lens tips

Above image is an excellent example of a fast-moving object. It was captured by “Nikon D7200” with 18.0mm focal length lens, ƒ/5.0 aperture, 1/1000s shutter speed and 100 ISO value.

Wide angle lens has a wide field of view. Therefore you can easily insert the fast-moving object to the photo frame.

Therefore wide angle lenses are recommended for sports photography because the photographer has few milliseconds to make the decisions and capture any fast-moving object.

You cannot request from the sports player to do that motion again to take better photographs. Sports photography is a complete real-time photography field.

5. Follow the lines

wide angle lens tips

This road photograph was captured by “Sony Ilce-7m2” camera with “FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS” wide angle lens. Camera settings were fixed as 96.0mm focal length, ƒ/11.0 aperture, 1/160s shutter speed and 100 ISO value.

This is not only related to wide angle lens. Basically, you have to follow the lines inside of the photo frame. This is a basic and important concept of in correct photography composition.

This is essential for giving the correct impression of the depth or lengths of the appearance. Simultaneously, it will help to make it more comfortable for the viewer.

If you try to use the power of lines, wide angle lenses will help you to create more dynamic images.

6. Try to position your camera lower

wide angle lens tips

When you are doing photography, you have to take some photographs which cannot see from the naked eye in day to day life.

If some photograph has some different angle of view, that photographs will be more valuable than the regular photograph.

Above photograph was captured by “Sony Hdr-As100v” camera. Here, the DSLR camera has been kept on lower from the target object.

Therefore, that photograph has more stunning and artistic value with a wide field of view than the typical building photograph.

7. Objects shouldn’t keep on the center

wide angle lens tips

This photograph was captured by “Nikon D800” camera with 26.0mm focal length, ƒ/8.0 aperture, 1/160s shutter speed and 100 ISO value.

This is the primary rule of photography composition. Wide angle lenses always give a large view of the field.

Therefore, we have to give more priority for foreground and object should keep on side in the photo frame.

According to the rules of photography composition, symmetrical objects should keep in the center of the photo frame.

8. Try to capture vertical photographs with wide angle lens

wide angle lens tips

Above photograph is mainly focusing a thin road in between the taller buildings. Therefore, wide angle lens will help you to capture that target road with including the height of both buildings in one photo frame.

Now you can understand the method of capturing unique and stunning photographs by using the wide angle lens and ultra wide angle lenses.

Typically, wide angle lenses can provide unique and adorable quality photos which cannot take from any other lenses.

You can earn money from photography by selling those quality photographs in the photography market.

Do you have any questions, regarding my elaboration of tips for using wide angle lens? Please comment on below commenting section. 


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