Computer images are made by using computers with specialized graphical hardware and software. Typically computer images are available everywhere. But we cannot see or touch physically.

If we need to touch it physically, we can print these images and you can touch it physically.

We do not need any physical space to store these types of images. No matter how large. Computer hard disk capacity is the main concerning thing.

Basically computer graphics have main two types. Which are,

  • Raster images (Raster graphics)
  • Vector images (Vector graphics)

Raster Computer Images

Raster Images Definition

raster computer images
Raster Computer Image

Raster images have a dot matrix data structure and it has pixels. Therefore raster images have created with combining billions of small pixels. Those pixels have a specified color.

DSLR cameras can produce roster type images. Features of images and characteristics depend on the features of the camera and camera sensor.

Characteristics of raster images

Following are the characteristics of roster graphic images

  1. If we zoom the object, the image will fade. The level of zoom depends on the status of the image.
  2. Created with pixels.
  3. The file size is large.
  4. Image quality is high, and this type of image can be edited from a pixel by pixel.
  5. Photoshop software can be used for editing.
  6. Images have rich details.

Available raster images file formats

Most commonly using raster file formats:

  • .jpg (JPEG raster format)
  • .gif (GIF transparent file)
  • .png (Portable Network Graphic Transparent file)
  • .tiff or .tif (Tag Interleave Format)

Adobe Photoshop is the dedicated best software for producing pure raster images. Those files can be saved as .psd file format.

raster computer images

Example Image Gallery for raster Images

Vector Computer Images

Vector images definition

vector computer image file format
Vector Computer Images

Vector images are creating in the 2D platform. Therefore, we are using the x-axis and y-axis. Commonly vector images consist of lines and curves.

There are no any pixel related case. Then we can zoom vector images as much as we need in software platforms.

Logos are the best example to vector images

Characteristics of vector images

vector computer image file format
Vector Image

Vector graphics type images have below characteristics,

  • Images can be zoomed without fading as we want.
  • Created with vectors.
  • The file size is small.
  • Images have poor details than roster type graphics.
  • Adobe Illustrator software can be used for editing and creating.

Available vector images file formats

Most commonly using vector file formats:

  • .drw (vector file)
  • .pif (vector image GDF format)
  • .pct (Macintosh bitmap graphics format)
  • .ps (Adobe PostScript)
  • .eps (Encapsulated PostScript)
  • .svf (Simple Vector Format)

We have few better software for produce vector images. Each software has separated file formats. Such as

SoftwareFile formats
Adobe, .ait, .art
Corel Draw.cdr, .cdrw, .cdt
Digital Line Graph.dlg, .do

Example Image Gallery For vector images

I hope now you have a clear idea of computer images and their categories. I have shown example HD computer images for your clear understanding.

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