This is a very important topic for all models, photographers, and people who are dreaming to become a photographer. Day to day you need to capture uncountable photographs of people and especially models. Therefore you should have better knowledge about this photography posting techniques. Photographers are contributed thousands of new models to the advertising filed. Therefore you should have the ability to give good guidance for a new model to make beautiful photography poses. Imagine, there is a new model is standing in front of your DSLR camera lens. He or she really expect your guidance to make a beautiful pose. But if you couldn’t handle this situation, definitely your client base will move to another confident photographer and your photography skills will be useless. If you make stunning photographs with creating beautiful poses for your photographs, definitely those photos have very high demand from advertising firms and other publications. Definitely, it will be the good head start for the armature model to play a huge role in the photography world.

    However, those all photographs’ quality is completely depended on your posing guidance. You can use a very experienced model for your photography session. But you need to spend a very high cost for one photography session. They don’t need special guidance for making a correct pose with suitable emotions. But the armature model are expecting to increase the popularity in a media society. They are working at a low cost. There are few rules to make correct posing in any photography events that can be used as guidance. These rules are not important only for photographers, day today everyone participates a lot of photography events at parties, wedding anniversaries, advertising and etc. Those tips are useful in all cases to make your own stunning photographs. Here I listed 12 tips to make beautiful photography poses.

1. Pre-preparation

     Before you come to the photography session, you need to select your model and make themselves according to the situation, emotions, and relatively your client’s requirement. In this case, you need to make decisions on various factors. That is the dress, make-up, jewelry, shoe designs, hairstyles and etc. As an example when we consider the dress, first of all, it should match with the related occasion. That means, if your client needs to promote weddings related something, you should arrange all the staff, according to the weddings related theme. The better female model needs to wear bridal dresses and bridal accessories. 

    As a photographer, pre-plan is the most important thing that you need to prepare before come to the photography location. You need to decide the background, model and other required accessories that you need to fulfill the photography event. There are so many large photo stocks that you can refer from the internet. Better you check different kinds of poses are similar to your purpose and how it makes the appearance. Then you can engage the pose coordination with high confidently. 

2. Neglect your both hands keep on hip and chin up pose

     This is a very common error normally people are doing frequently. If the model takes one hand or both hands on his or her hip and simultaneously he or she looks at the camera lens with a chin up pose, it will make a bit of angry appearance. Therefore always try to neglect that combination in any model photography session. But there are no any problems use one thing at a time out of this combination altogether simultaneously.

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3. Always follow your nose

     All new models are always trying to look camera lens. When the photographer changes their head for another direction, they try to rotate their eyeball to camera direction. Therefore output photograph will go completely wrong. Then the model always follows their nose direction. Then you can be able to make a proper and artistic appearance from your model for capturing your photographs. Normally human eye sensitivities to look first anybody eye. As a photographer don’t forget to get a very clear view of the eye section of your model. Better you arrange proper lighting to make a clear view of your model’s eyes area. When eyeball follows the nose, the model’s head and eyes keep one direction and shadows will not cover the eye area.

4. Keep your shoulders at different levels

     This is very important in fashion related photography. If the model keeps its shoulders at different highest levels that will produce quality and artistic appearance for your complete image. The model should not keep their shoulders parallel to the camera lens too. Therefore the model needs to bring one shoulder bit forward than the other shoulder. This is the best way of shoulder arrangement in any kind of photography event.

5. Your chin should bring forward and up

     If you use a DSLR camera or whatever camera, photography is completely two demotions art. We cannot make 3 detentions photographs in the same way. However, the model’s chin arrangement is an unforgettable part of photography posing. Because it is part of the face. When your chin keeps backward, your face direction goes down. Therefore image meaning will bias to sad feelings and less energy. It is not for professional photography. Therefore you need to keep the model’s chin bit forward and bit up from the normal position. It is the proper way of chin arrangement.

6. Open your mouth slightly

     This special photography posing tip needs to make photographs beyond the typical photographs’ limitations. When you try to make photographs with full mouth closed and a very formal small smile, it is making completely typical photographs. There are no artistic values. When you open your mouth very slightly, it makes something different artistic way than typical photography. However, when your mouth closed, the jawline clenches and adds extra weight to the sides of your model face. As well as it is producing negative energy for your image. Then the best way of mouth arranging is that the model should open their mouth slightly. 

7. Ignore the straight leg posing

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     As a photographer, you decided to capture the full body photograph of your model. You should not guide your model to keeps their legs with straight forward. When you keep your legs in a straight position, it just makes like very stuff and military appearance. Therefore you always try to keep your legs in relax mode and you neglect the straight position. As well as better you make a small gap between your legs. If you keep your legs are touching each other, it will make a bit of abnormal appearance for your complete photo. Because the model needs to waste additional attention and energy to make this pose. One leg bends or walking pose or one leg keeps on a higher level than the other leg is making more attractable photographs.

8. Relax hand position

     The hand is another challenging thing that we need to pay more attention to make a proper way to correct photography posing. According to the hand pose, your total image meaning can be changed fully up and down. Therefore you try to keep your hands in a very relaxed pose. The method of making a relax hands pose is like this. You do not keep your fingers stiff and you do not bend you all fingers as a stiffness way. It is representing the angry mood. It is just like a ready for a fight. Therefore you need to keep your fingers with making small space between fingers and bend bit from finger joints. If you keep your arm on your hip, automatically you can get a good relax appearance from your hands. Your hands positioning level is directly affected by the meaning of the whole image. Then the most suitable place is below the chin level that you can keep your hands in any photography session.

9. Always make small movements to change the pose

     When you capturing model photographs, you should not try to make large moments changes for going to the next pose. If you try to do that much of larger variations for the pose by pose, it will make a huge impact for your whole photography session. As well as you need to spend more time to make changes correctly. Sometimes the model also needs extra time to come to the correct pose.  Therefore you should make your posing plan with step by step change the model pose to fulfill your requirement.

10. The camera setup is a bit low from eye-level

    This is the very common mistake that always photographers used to do. Photographers are always keeping their DSLR camera in their eye-level. Normally it should not keep on eye level or above the level. The best level of camera positioning is below the eye-level of the model. Therefore model height will increase in image appearance. As well as it makes a proud feeling from the model than the eye-level captured photograph.

11. Encourage your model

     As a photographer, you should encourage your model in each shot. Better you use words like well-done, nice pose, excellent, beautiful, superb and etc. If your model is in a nervous mood, that words can reduce the nervous mode and she or he has made more confidence in their pose. It is very important and easy to do all changes with reducing the time wasting.

12. Don’t check your camera image preview for each snapshot

     Beginner photographers have a big doubt on their captured image. Therefore they are always checking the DSLR camera LED display for a photo by photo. It is a completely time-wasting purpose. When changing some DSLR camera settings for a special case, it is okay. But one by one checking is making a boring condition for the model too. As well as your model needs to stay in the same pose until you check. Then you don’t try to check your display photo by photo. The best solution is that you can take a few shots on the same pose. In the end, you can select the best option, out of these similar photographs.

   This photography posing tips are very important for you, either you are a photographer or model. Any armature can use these tips for making quality photography pose for any kind of purpose. I think you guys enjoy my article. If you have any questions of doubt on my content, Please comment on the below comment section. We have highly appreciated your comments and we will reply as soon as possible.

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