Each and every photograph contains certain elements of art. It is important to pay attention to the composition of the photograph in order to generate meaningful and creative photographs.Here I listed below are the fundamental elements of art.


     Each photographs is made out of millions of lines. These lines and their directions are important factors to consider before capturing a photo.


   With regards to 3D objects which should consist with 3-dimensional direction views, the most important factor is the shadow of the 3D object. Shadows create all conditions of a 3D object.


     Generally, any photograph is consisted with two parts, namely Object and the background. The border of an object is called as space in a photo frame. It usually very important to increase the clarity of the object in any photograph.


    There are many shapes available in the name of art which are designed with lines and curves.


     Texture is the surface quality or condition of any photograph. It can either be rough or smooth.


     Colors too play an essential role to change the meanings and emotions of a photograph. In fact, different colors have different emotions,

  • Red – love and sex
  • White – peace and cool
  • Orange, yellow – war, angry


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