Family photography is making a stunning photo with gathering all family members. Basically, family photography is limited to a small group of people. Such as parents and their children. 

Our children might migrate and go far away to make their own future. Those family photos will be powerful memories of old times. 

If those family photos are more attractive, you would like to see those photos every day. Therefore I would like to introduce beautiful family photography ideas for you. 

Importance of Family Photos

Old Family Photo Memory
Camera: iPhone 7 Plus Camera, Lens: 4.0mm, Settings: ƒ/1.8, 1/950s, ISO 20

Family is the most important social unit. Individuals very strongly connect with their family members. 

Therefore people would like to collect memories with family members for a lifetime. Then we would like to go on trips, celebrate family occasions, going to the cinema, dinners and many more things with our family.

Family photos are the best robust method of collecting those fun and valuable memories for a lifetime. One day, we can show those memories to our grandchildren, and we can share happiness because “old is gold.”

For Family Photographer: Top priority for client’s requirement

First of all, you need to know the client requirement properly. Similarly, you should spend some time understanding the family behaviors and willingness. 

Otherwise, you cannot pitch their requirement properly. Finally, the customer will be unsatisfied with your service. 

If we consider the behaviors, you should pay much more attention to their children’s personalities and cloths patterns. 

According to that, you have to make the whole family photography session to comfortable for kids and adults too. 

You have to select a proper background to highlight their dressings and requirement. 

Furthermore, when you arrived at the locations, you do not try just to go and start the family photography session. 

Let them be more relax and comfortable before starting the photography session.

10 Inspirational family photography ideas

Here I would like to share fantastic family photo ideas for all photographers as well as it will be essential for family members too as their general knowledge. 

As a photographer, you should always try to feel comfortable with all your family members of your client. Otherwise, it will affect to ruin the whole photography session.

1. Better select home as the location

Calm Location For Kid’s Photo
Camera: ILCE-7M3, Lens: 50.0mm, Setting: ƒ/2.0, 0.00625s, ISO 200

Basically, home is the most comfortable place for all family members. Especially kids can participate in a relaxed mind in their own home. 

Therefore you can get proper ability to control everything and make a successful family photography session. 

However, your client has a big family, and you should try to get more group family photos in a selected proper location. 

You better let kids to do their playing works. Because that kind of family photo will be more effective to the final photography album.

2. Try to capture activities rather than solid poses

Family Activities
Camera: Canon EOS 600D, Lens: 43.0mm, Settings: ƒ/5.0, 1/160s, ISO800

Kids play with Grandparents
Camera: Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Lens: 50.0mm, Settings: ƒ/2, 1/320s, ISO 1250

Family photo memories will be more beautiful with live activities shots. The family was created with different ages, people, and kids. 

According to their age, they are used to different types of activities. Especially, kids are playing with their grandparents. After a long period, those memories will have more values. 

Normally, Parents have to start some activities as initiations. Similarly, they have to do those activities respectively to capture some stunning photos. 

Best examples for activities – reading a book together with parents and kids, playing with toys mixing with grandparents, watching a favorite movie with the whole family, etc.

3. Include formal photos of the whole family 

Regular Family Photo
Camera: iPhone 7 Plus Camera, Lens: 4.0mm, Settings: ƒ/1.8, 1/900s, ISO 20

The formal family photo is the main pose of the family photography session. You have to take a group photo of the whole family in one photo frame.

Basically, you have to change the person’s location, according to their height as well as you have to make their poses and angles and their body sizes. 

However, all group members should have followed the same theme. That means the same fashion of dressing (formal or casual). As a family photographer, you should give guidance to follow one theme.

4. Try to include feelings from facial expressions

Happy Faces With Cooking Activities
Camera: NIKON D810, Lens: 60.0mm, Settings: ƒ/18.0, 1/200s, ISO 125
Kids Face Expressions
Camera: NIKON D810, Lens: 60.0mm, Settings: ƒ/18.0, 1/200s, ISO 125

The family photography session is not an hour or a couple of hour’s session. You have to stay a maximum of four to six hours to collect various types of family photos.

We are in different moods at different times in our daily routines.

You should try to capture those feelings of facial expressions. Such as laughing times, angry times, kids are crying times, romantic times of parents, etc. 

  • Camera Model – Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Focal Length – 50.0mm, Aperture -ƒ/2.0, Shutter Speed – 1/40s ISO – 100
  • Camera Model – NIKON D810, Focal Length – 60.0mm, Aperture -ƒ/18.0, Shutter Speed – 1/200s, ISO – 125 

5. Individual family photos

Your client does not expect only group photos as the output of the family photography session. 

Photo of A Couple makes Love
Camera: Canon EOS 6D, Lens: 85.0mm, Settings: ƒ/3.5, 1/200s, ISO 160

Those individual family photos will be important to upload on social media platforms, and the client can make a framed printed photos to hang on walls or keep on the table when reaching faraway locations. 

Because those individual photos will remind the past beautiful memories when we had spent with them. 

6. Mixing with different photography composition shots

Lovely Family Photo – Beyond The Tradition
Camera: Canon EOS 5d Mark II, Lens: 28-75mm, Settings: 68.0mm, ƒ/4.5, 1/200s, ISO 160
Lovely Couple Photo
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Lens: 135.0mm, Settings: ƒ/3.2, 1/640s

If you took a similar photo composition for every photograph, the family photo album would have an equivalent appearance in each and every image. 

But the client’s family photography album has some variety of creative photography compositions, album viewers will have more interest look on it, and they will come to you for another album for them. You can market your photography business too. 

However, you can make different photography composition,

  • As close up shots
  • Try to capture different actions
  • Reactions or you can get different angle shots (It just like keep your DSLR camera on floor level to make some photos beyond the traditional family photography album.)

7. Pets get as family members

Outdoor Family Photo with Pets

If your client has pets in their home. Definitely, they love their pets as family members. Kids especially love their pets a lot.

You have requested to get pets for family photos. Definitely, your clients, including their kids, would like that request, and they will pleasure to work with more.

8. Must take outdoor family photos

Playing Moment of Children
Camera: Sony ILCE-7RM3, Lens: 85.0mm, Settings: ƒ/1.4, 1/160s, ISO 100

Outdoor photographs has amazing value. It is entirely different from the indoor photos. 

Sunlight is the light source and nature can be used as the stunning background (Trees, flowers, butterflies, etc.)

If you keep the client’s kid on a small tree branch also make happy moments, and those photographs will be a pleasant memory when those kids have become an adult in the future. 

9. Capture dancing moments

Baby Dancer
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Lens: 50.0mm, Settings: ƒ/2.5, 0.001s, ISO 320

Dancing is the main family enjoying method. Let them to dance together, and you have to capture their enjoying moments as the beautiful family photos.

You especially have to grab images of kids’ dance moves. Because parents are also enjoying with their kids’ happiness. 

10. Don’t miss pregnant mother

Pregnant Wife’s Photography
Camera: Canon EOS-1ds Mark II, Lens: 70.0-200.0mm, Settings: 75.0mm ƒ/5.0 1/125s ISO 500

If the client has a pregnant wife, you should add more photographs of the pregnant mother. Basically, she has the entire attention of all family members. Sometimes she is the reason to arrange this family photography session.

Here we have discussed some essential family photos of important ideas, especially for the family photographer and general society too. 

Do you have any doubt or any question regarding the ideas as mentioned above, please comment on below commenting section. 


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