So many people have a problem, how to earn money from the photography. Actually, it is a very good field for making a large money. You can sell your own photographs online is the easiest way of adding the value of your own photographs. If you have a problem to find the best websites and marketplace to sell photos online.

    Photography is an art. Some people used to do photography as a hobby. Sometimes photographs help to keep our memories as the reminder. However, these days’ people are doing photography as their career. Some talented famous professional photographers are earning millions of dollars per month with showing their flying colors for their customers. 

     When you are learning photography, you better have general knowledge of the money making ways in the photography field. Here I listed 10 methods of making money with photography,

1. Start your own website or blog

Sometime you will able to worry about the lack of web designing and coding knowledge. But you do not need high programming knowledge to make a small blog or website. Because there are so many user-friendly web templates are available at a low price. If you are a good photographer, you will try to do photography with something different angle. That means doesn’t copy or follow others photographs. You always try to make the own photographs which are not available in the market. Then definitely your blog or site will popular immediately. Then you can earn money through your website by selling photographs. You do not depend on the others’ websites for selling photos online. You can use your web site for selling photos online. As well as you can earn money from publishing advertisements on your blog or website.

2. Sell photos for books

      We can see there are millions of books and E-books are publishing in each and every day. Books’ value is increasing with the cover appearance and content images. Therefore writers need to find the different type of photographs to make their books as attractable. However, those every writers are not photographers. Therefore they are finding the best photographs from the market and pay for this. If you can be a famous and talented photographer, those writers will come to you to fulfill their requirements from you. Same as it is highly depended on your selling price.

3. Wedding photography

Wedding photography is the most popular and the most earning photography field. Normally most of the people are getting married and some people are getting married a few times in their life time. Those marriage couples expect very good photographs for memorized their lovely day. People need a quality wedding photo album from their complete function. Therefore they spend lot of money on decorations and other things for making their day beautiful.

Nowadays the some famous wedding photographer needs to be booked before 2 or 3 months before. Therefore you can think, how much orders come to them. High-class famous photographers take approximately $6000 – &15000 for a normal wedding per one day. Then you can think about their monthly income. If you target to be a wedding photographer, definitely you can earn lots of money as your career.

4. Special function coverages

     People are organizing a thousand types of special functions and parties for celebrating special occasions of their life. Such as

  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding anniversary celebrations
  • Launching new products
  • Cocktail parties
  • Promotion parties
  • Achievements parties
  • Beach parties
  • Get to gather parties
  • Farewell parties, etc..

     Here I mentioned few examples for special functions that people commonly participate in their day to day life. They need beautiful and quality photographs of their special events. If customers are satisfied with your output, they will find you for their all functions and they will definitely publish your name for others. Don’t forget to give a fair price for your customers because it will be a huge reason for increase your publicity and attraction of your customers.

5. Facebook fan page publishs

This is a very interesting section because you can make a fan page in Facebook 100% free. As well as it can be done as a part-time or as a hobby. Facebook has billions of accounts and billions of peoples come online each and every day. If you can share the best attractive photographs on your fan page, the number of your fan members can be increased day by day. You better add something with photo editing software for increasing the quality of your photographs.  You can earn money by publishing advertisements on your fan page for your fan members.  If you can increase your fan members, similarly your earning level will increase automatically.

6. Sell Photographs for newspapers

     Billions of newspapers are publishing daily and weekly all around the world. They always try to find articles, photographs and different type of news to publish in their newspapers. If you can capture clear and good quality photographs in a sudden situation’s photographs relevant to newspaper articles, definitely they will buy your photographs for their articles for their news publications. You have a good talent for articles writing. You can make the complete article for newspapers as a hobby or money.

7. Take photographs for clients. (For marketing and advertising)

     Nowadays, a very large online market was built over the internet. People sell different types of used and brand new goods and services through the internet. People are moving from older version to newer versions of any products. Because the new versions improved with more options and features. Therefore they are trying to sell their old items before moving to upper versions. There are thousands of websites for classified ads. Customers’ attraction is the most important for quick sale. Mainly the quality of the photographs and the price are major attraction factors of your advertisement. As good photographer, you can take photographs. You have an ability to edit those photographs for image corrections and increase the quality of your photographs. Clients were satisfied and definitely you can popular in this field.

There is a different type of categories are available in this field. Such as,

  • Real estate photographs (Land and house properties).
  • Electrical and electronic equipment (Day by day improving).
  • Vehicles
  • Domestic items
  • Health care items
  • Product advertisements.

8. Take photographs for a t-shirt, calendars and magazine cover page design

These days we can see that a big trend for make T-shirts with their own symbols, icons and brand advertising photographs. If you can take photographs of these type of customers and you have the ability for add something by using a professional photo editing software like Photoshop. Then you can definitely earn lots of money from this method. Don’t forget to follow the people trend.

9. Join photograph contest

    We can see a lot of photograph contests held all over the world. Some contests are locally and some contest are international. This is the best place to show your talents for the outer world. Because photograph contest’s participants are really connected to this photography filed or definitely they love this filed very much. Then that people appreciation will be a big support for your bright future in the photography field. You can apply your best photographs for this type of contests. There is no problem if you win or not. You can learn so many things from this type of contest and you have a big opportunity to meet a world-famous photographer. If they are satisfied with your photographs they will help you to become a higher level photographer in photography filed with their experience.

10. Held your own photo exhibition with your best collection

    If you satisfied your photos and considering the comments of your friends, neighbor or any other expert in photography filed, you can held your own photographs exhibition with your collection. Then you can get big publicity and you can sell your photographs at the fair price. This publicity is very important to increase your demand in the photography market.


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