There are different types of viewfinders can be found in the camera world. When you learn photography you should have a proper idea about the difference these type of viewfinders. Therefore you will be able to find the most suitable camera for your relevant photography job or task. The viewfinder can define in the simplest way like this. That is the photographer looks the object through this viewfinder. That is the method of viewing what camera lens can see to capture. The viewfinder is very important to place the object at a relevant and correct position inside of the photo. Furthermore, it is important to focus and zoom correctly.

    Earlier camera viewfinder had various types of issues. That is Twin lens camera has consisted with separated viewfinder and separated lens for image capturing function. Therefore it has parallax issue. Technology is evaluating day by day. Therefore next generation was produced with single lens reflex. Viewfinder and photo capturing is done by one lens. However today onward this viewfinder is improved from twin lens to advanced electronic range viewfinders.

    Some digital cameras don’t have this viewfinder. It has only a live display. Therefore photographers have to face some problems. That is photographer can’t be able to capture an image with quality as much as available in camera sensor. Because photographer can be able to see the maximum quality is the display quality. Camera sensor and the display both have different resolution values. But camera manufacturers do not increase the digital camera display quality as same to the resolution of the camera sensor. Because then camera battery power consumption will increase and camera price will increase with considerable level. Therefore I recommended for a camera with a viewfinder is much better than the camera without a viewfinder. As well as the camera keeps away from the head is made the possibility to shake the camera and capturing image can be blurred. When the display is always switched on, it will increase the drain of your camera battery. It is the big disadvantage of this type of camera.

     However, now we are in the electronic era. Therefore we have the solution with electronics. Modern DSLR camera viewfinder shows the settings of the camera and exposure level through the viewfinder to capture a proper image. As well as you can see what camera lens can see at the same time. In other words, we can introduce the electronic viewfinders as a mini monitor. But it does not have any filtration and quality reduction. 

  Some photographers like the viewfinder, but some photographers are not like this viewfinder. Whatever these modern electronic viewfinders are pretty cool than others. We can see the real image with important information on the camera settings and the exposure meter. As well as we can see those all icons and setting values in the camera display. But electronic viewfinder has a big disadvantage. That is we cannot see anything through the viewfinder when the camera will power off. Therefore we can identify electronic viewfinders consume the battery power. But it is lower than the display only cameras’ power consumption.

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    I think you got some general idea of the viewfinder, the difference between the traditional and the electronic viewfinders with pros and cons. If you have any question on this article, please you can comment on the blow comment section.



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