Travel photography is an important photography field. Travel photography will be essential for a few cases. Such as,

  • Make remarkable memories in your travelling places.
  • You can sell travel photographs to earn money with photography.
  • Travel photography can play an outstanding role as a hobby 
  • Important for social media sharing and you can make your social media profile as an attractable way.
  • Travel photography will essential for increasing the popularity of different unpopular beautiful locations all around the world. Therefore tourism incoming rate can be increased through travel photography.

However, the DSLR camera lens is significant photography equipment to make stunning travel photographs. There are thousands of different lenses can be found in the market with variable features. 

Why you should select the optimum DSLR camera lens for each travel photography journey?

lens for travel photography

There are different types of camera lenses categorized in the photography market. That is,

  • Standard lens
  • Telephoto lens
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Macro lens
  • Zoom lens
  • Prime lens

Each lens has specialized for capture specific category of photographs. According to their specialized area, those lenses have special features for capture photograph easily with low afford. 

How to select the best DSLR Camera lens for travel photography?

Travel photography is a bit different from the traditional photography session. Because here you have to capture photographs in different locations. Therefore different locations have different climates, different temperatures, and various light conditions.

As a photographer, you should be able to make your DSLR camera settings according to the conditions of the locations. You have to select the correct camera lens also.

Basically, the Camera lens can be done either quality enhancement or quality deduction of your captured photographs.

Those every lens are not suitable for every location. You should select the most appropriate lens to make quality travel photographs. Therefore I have listed some important factors for selecting the optimum lens for your travel journey.

What are the factors of choosing the most suitable camera lens for travel photography?

1. Weight of the camera lens

lens for travel photography

Travel photography is completely related to the travelling purpose. Therefore you have to hang those lenses with you. If your lens is weighty, your complete tour will be fed up with the weight of the lens.

There are so many photography-related accessories to do a successful photography session. You have to keep space for these items too.

Therefore you can take a maximum of two no of camera lenses for one travelling photography session. Then you have to select the ideal lens according to your location.

When you plan to go for an overseas trip or hiking trip of jungle trip, I recommended a lightweight camera lens as the ideal one. The prime lens does not have the zooming functions, as well as the internal equipment for, do the zooming feature. Therefore prime lenses have a lightweight.

If you try to bring your all lenses for one trip, there will be a high risk for misplacing or getting stolen in any place. We do not have any idea of the people behaviors on those travelling locations.

Simultaneously, you have to spend lots of time to change those camera lenses at different locations. Therefore you cannot find more time to enjoy the trip and look at the beauty of the surrounding.

2. Gather all location details and environmental conditions

lens for travel photography

Environmental conditions and location availabilities are directly affected by the final travel photography output. Basically, this is the pre-preparation of your tour.

The current world has globalized with the internet. You can find all the detail of any location all around the world within a few seconds. That is the entire details of the environmental conditions, light level and the location availabilities. 

Travel photography at the jungle

lens for travel photography

If you plan to go to the jungle, you have to select a zoom lens. Because jungle is famous for wildlife photography, nature photography and beautiful bird photography. Some animals are hazardous. Therefore you cannot reach closer to them.

Similarly, you have to capture birds also making a considerable distance between you and target bird. Otherwise, they will fly away.

Then zoom lenses are playing the master role of this type of travelling photography session.

Travel photography in tourism purpose

lens for travel photography

Here I would like to discuss about the family tour or overseas tours. These type of visits are mainly focusing on gathering the memories of those locations and occasions.

You have to follow the human photography techniques to make tourism travel photography session. You have to capture people or your family members in front of a particular location in these tourism places.

I recommended a wide-angle lens or standard lenses are enough to fulfil the tourism travel photography session.

Travel photography in hiking

lens for travel photography

Hiking is completely related to the high hills mountain areas. Those areas are very famous for landscape photography.

We can take so many nature creative photographs sunlight. Especially sunset through the mountains shot can be taken some creative photographs as an example on those locations.

Wide-angle lenses are highly recommended for landscape photography. You have to include a large area for the inside of your photo frame. Wide-angle lenses are the ideal lenses type for hiking travel photography session.

3. Pay attention for your lens speed

Lens speed is elaborating with focal length and the aperture size of the lens. Basically, you cannot control the light levels of the travelling locations as the photography studio.

Sometimes your capturing object is placed on far away for you. Therefore some photographs may be darker in the evening and night photography.

You have to allow more lights to reach the camera sensor for making lighter travel photographs.

I recommended for using low focal length (mm value of the lens) with low f/value and larger focal length with larger f/value. Then you can make a speed camera lens to make lighter images in a dark environment.

4. Cost of the lens

lens for travel photography

Cost or budget is the most important factor. You have to think about the investment in your trip.

Definitely, you have to choose branded lenses with a warranty for ensuring the durability. Similarly, that lens can be suitable for after your journey because camera lenses are very expensive.

If you can use this camera for money earning with selling your photographs, that will be the most worthy thing for your investment because your income does not have the limitation in the photography market.

When you plan to arrange a travel photography event, those factors will be essential for choosing the ideal camera lens to make success travel photography session.

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