There are hundreds of wedding photographers who can find near to you. They are offering various types of benefits in different packages, and they try to show their all-time perfect photos from their history.

Therefore, people will betray and try to make their first good impression. Some wedding photographers use different types of advertising methods to be popular. Such as Google AdWords, Social media ads, and posts. 

Due to this reason, couples have big trouble finding a genuine wedding photographer for their beautiful wedding day. 

Then, here I would like to introduce step by step guide to find the genuine and quality wedding photographer for your dream day.

Step 1 – Identify your exact requirement

The Way of being Happy With Wedding Photography?

A wedding is not a personal thing. The bride and groom should decide everything together. Therefore, both the bride and groom need to discuss together their wiliness.

As a first step, identification of requirements is essential before reach to photographer’s place.     

Basically, the couple needs to make their requirement clearly as a blow, 

Allocation budget for your wedding photographer 

Budget Has Limitations
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According to that, you can filter some selected wedding photographers list. Because the budget is the most important thing for the couple as well as the wedding photographer too.

Your wedding ceremony’s style 

Traditional Wedding Style
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You have to select an exact wedding themepattern (traditional or western type), location (outdoor or indoor or beach area), and time (day time or night time). Because each wedding photographer has shown different skill levels in different styles. Some wedding photographers are very famous in some selected sections. Therefore you have to choose the best performing wedding photographer according to your wedding styles. 

Wedding photography style 

Wedding Photography Style
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Different photographers follow different photography styles. Out of those photography styles, currently, portrait type high exposure wedding photography style is more popular in the young crowd. 

You can check available photography styles through the internet (Google images) and leading social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook pages too.

Step 2 – Check the history and background of wedding photographers

Professional & Ethical Wedding Photographer

Photographers have different types of mindsets, attitudes, and treating methods for their clients. Therefore you have to do a small analysis regarding their background and history.

You can refer the past customers’ reviews, feedbacks, and comments on their past jobs. However, you can check their creativity after the shoot production and pre-shoot services, behaviors, photography techniques, photography styles, and past albums on their Instagram profile or their own blog. 

Then you have to make a priority order of wedding photographers considering the background and history of them. It will be very easy to find out the best wedding photographer for your wedding. 

Step 3 – Make a face to face discussion 

Face TO Face Client Discussion
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Your requirement and photographer background is not enough to select the best wedding photographer. You have to make a meeting with those photographers to ask some important wedding photography-related questions about them.  

But don’t waste your time. Better you contact the photographers who have satisfied previous works. First of all, you have to confirm the date availability of those photographers.

Similarly, you can discuss the cost of wedding photography, especially price negotiations, benefits, restrictions, and additional services.   

Step 4 – Check their previous wedding album physically

Beautiful Wedding Albums

Frequently, all photographers are used to upload the best photos in their websites and social media platforms. Sometimes they will do more quality enhancing to get more attraction from the new customers. 

Then you can ask them to show their previous albums according to your requirement (Indoor/outdoor, photography style, etc.). Those full albums will help you to get a clear idea about the final output of the photographer.

You have to expect a similar output as these albums from your dream wedding day too. 

Step 5 – Analyze the data

Data Analyzing
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Now you have a large database of different wedding photographers. Then you need to analyze all data. Basically, you have to make a priority order according to different variables. Such as,

  • Quality of past photo albums (Final outcome, creativity, compositions, light balancing and coverage of the whole event)
  • Price of the package
  • Benefits and include services for package
  • Qualities of the photographer (Honest, friendly, attitudes and first impression)
  • Terms, conditions, and restrictions in the event and after services
  • Background of the photographer and customer reviews.

Step 6 – Compare and choose the best options

Apple To Apple Comparison
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This step must be done with your partner. Both the bride and groom should discuss and make a comparison of the above step data analysis sheet. 

It should match your budget and your requirement completely. Because of some photographers good for some cases and not for other requirements. Therefore you have to select the optimum wedding photographer to cover your event. 

Every photographer has both advantages and disadvantages. This step needs more time to come for a proper solution. 

Step 7 – Final discussion before pay the advance payment

Final Discussion
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The next step is going for a final discussion. 

Here you have to talk about everything at your wedding ceremony, ceremony plan with a timeline, and complete requirement of wedding photography session. 

Especially you have talked with after services, additional payments and all restriction of them. Then you have to request a complete quotation for your requirements. 

That quotation will be a legal document for a future case. Before you make the quotation better, you request another negotiation. Normally there is a high possibility of taking a good discount as client satisfaction.

After the final discussion, you can go for an advance payment for the date reservation.

Step 8 – Go for next wedding photographer (Optional)

The photo was taken by QSS-32_33 Camera

However, your selected wedding photographer has unable to agree with your complete requirement; you have to go to step 8.  

There is no new theory. You have to go to check again all analyzed datasheet to choose the next available and most suitable wedding photographer your dream wedding day.

Again you have to go to the final discussion with them and finalized the date reservation. 

If you follow the above mention steps for choosing the best wedding photographer for your big day, you can save your valuable time, and you can choose the most suitable wedding photographer for your wedding ceremony.

Do you have any questions with this article, please comment on the below-commenting section. We are a pleasure to collect your feedback and give improved articles in the future.


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