Do you like to add value for your photography skills? Do you like to make money with your own photographs?

       Yeah, it’s 100% possible. But it cannot do just a moment or a couple of hours. But professional photographers earn more than thousands of dollars per day. They didn’t make their reputation and demand in one day or one week. If you use the regular path, you have to spend a few years to build a considerable demand in the photography market for you. Therefore I prepare this article to learn the boost path for increase your reputation and demand as a professional photographer in the photography market. If you go along this way, step by step, you can see a huge growth in photography filed in a very short period.

      When you are being as a photographer, you can make money, photography as your career. Furthermore, photography can be used as a mind relaxation in your leisure time, you can use photography as a part-time job or you can use it as a way of extra money earning method. Any photographer cannot say, “I knew everything in photography field”, because either photography learning or any other subject learning, education is an infinite concept. Day by day you have to learn various things in photography subject or any other subject. Techniques and availabilities are changing with the evolution of modern technology. Therefore you need to improve your skills with handling the DSLR camera, the configuration of DSLR camera settings and looking at your object in an artistic angle. Okay, let’s move to the topic.

STEP 1: Find the potential in the market for photography

     First of all, you have to keep a very important thing in your mind. That is anyone will not give money to you without doing anything for them. Then you need to find the requirement of the people or society. Otherwise whatever you do, they don’t care about your work. However, you have to do something that the most of population expecting from photographers. Then automatically people come to you and pay for get your service. Because people have a very high demand for quality photography. First, you need to find the requirement of society. This requirement should be repeatable with high frequency. Otherwise orders incoming rate will get low and you have to wait a long period for the next order. Customers ready to pay large money to fulfill their requirement.

   As a good example, wedding photography is the most expensive photography field. When you consider about society, there are more than 80% of people get married. Some people will get married twice or trice in their lifetime. Everyone expect perfect photo album of their dream wedding as a memorial item. Basically, you need to get a professional and very popular photographer for your wedding ceremony. You have to put a booking order before 5 or 6 months. They have large order queue. I think you can understand the demand for them.

    In marketing, advertising and business development filed, photography has a very high potential. They need quality photographs for banners designing, posters designing, commercial animations as well as classified ads publications. They are expecting quality photographs to increase the customer attraction. Then those people ready to pay for you.

STEP 2: Analyze the current situation of the photography market

Before you enter the photography field, you need to get a clear idea of the current situation in the market. Here I listed a few questions for your easy understanding. When you go to the field you can find more questions according to your market. Find answers for those questions as research.

  • What kind of photographs did they use for fulfilling customer requirement? (Categories)
  • Who are the competitors? (Consider more than 5 competitors)
  • What are their weak points?
  • What are the strategies they are following to developing their business? (Seasonal discounts, Advertising, Charity campaigns and etc.)
  • What kind of photographs that customers expecting? (Colorful, Edited or black and white)
  • What are the prices that your competitors are using for their service?

      However, you never try to follow others with 100% similar way. That means the same object in the same angle. Then the customer doesn’t have a good reason for choosing you as a photographer. Because you are new for this field. There are so many experienced competitors. Then you should have to get some idea from the current situation and current trends, then add something more than currently available from your skills. You try to see the object with a different angle when you capturing a photograph. Then automatically you are highlighted in the photography field. 

STEP 3: Gather all equipment for a start at the right point

     When you are using a DSLR camera or your smartphone which is not the only thing for make stunning photographs. There are so many subordinate items that you have to use for making super quality photographs. When you capturing a photograph, you shouldn’t use these all the equipment at once. But you are working for clients, better you should keep that equipment with you. Because different clients have a different type of requirements. Then you can be able to accept all clients’ requirements. As well as you can practice handling those subordinate items too. Photography subordinate items are,

  • Tripod
  • Filters
  • Different type of lenses
  • Flashlights
  • Cleaning and storing equipment

     When you are working in front of the customer, they are always looking at you and they inspect your behavior. If you work as an amateur for photography and you are amateur for handling with photography subordinate items, they will think you are not a professional photographer and they will try to refuse you. Therefore you must practice and get a good hand on experience for handling these subordinate items. Then you can save your time also.

STEP 4: Improve your skills with professional photo editor software

    Photo editing is a very important part of photography filed. Every photographer should have skills to deal with professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and etc. It is very useful for remove the all unwanted things that ware added at capturing instance. As well as if you forget or due to some error in your DSLR camera configuration at photo shooting moment, you can correct it by using those photo editing software. These days there are so many photographers are using this photo editing to increase the features and the output quality of their images.

    You can find so many easy understanding, photography related video tutorial series on YouTube. Then you can be able to learn photo editing full course with totally free with those demonstrations. Note that, any photographer demand is directly affected by their skills of dealing with photo editing software. Because you can recover, your all weaknesses in DSLR camera configuration handling, with correcting all errors in your photograph’s softcopy. As an example, you are capturing photographs for the classified advertisement. You should remove the background for highlighted the target object. Then you have to put a pure white background. Same as you must add some colors and increase the sharpness of outlines for making the huge attraction to the customers. Then your client will happy with your job.

STEP 5: Find out the best market places

    If you couldn’t find any client, you can start to capture a different type of objects with different angles. Better you do not follow others and you must add something from your own skills. Then edit those photographs to convert super quality photographs. Then you can find so many online photo purchasing clients with related to your photograph’s theme. As an example, we can get daily photographs of buying customers are,

  • Newspapers publications
  • Book writes
  • Adverting firms
  • Banners and other printing job providers
  • Photo selling websites
  • Website developers (Specially Blog writers)
  • Animal lovers – They are interested in nature photography and Wildlife photography
  • Wallpaper developers

     You can find millions of buyer to sell your images and add some value for your images. However, you should keep a few factors in your mind. That is you don’t give overestimation for your photographs. Then your client tries to reject you and move to a cheaper one. You should sell photographs for related persons. As an example, you try to sell wildlife images for animal food manufacturing company make their advertisements.

STEP 6: Sell your photographs online

This the easiest way to add some considerable value to your photographs and you can earn money for your photography skills. You can earn money at home as a part-time job also. There are so many advantages in online selling. The most of online image buying and selling websites are top ranked in all search engines. Therefore you can show your images and your photography skills for a large audience without wasting time to learn SEO techniques. You can share your name and images in social media too. Then you do not need to go for clients, and they come to you and buy photographs from you.

STEP 7: Start your own business or own website for making money as a professional photographer

     These days website building becomes very easier with new technologies. You can find so many website building guidance and lecture series to make stunning websites. You have to pay a very small amount of dollars to get the hosting facility and domain. But you have spent lots of time and effort for rank your website. Then it becomes a way of money earning jackpot. If you have your own website, you need to go for other online photo buying websites and accept their values for your photographs. Total authority and remote control in your hand. Total profit and income are yours. If you could rank your photography website, automatically clients will come to you for publishing their advertisement on your website. They are paying a large amount of money for top rank websites. As well as photograph sellers come to you for sharing their skills and sell their photographs for money.  You can put a margin and resell it.

      I think now you understand the correct path for entering to start large money with photography filed. Your success completely depends on STEP 1 and STEP 2 research results with correct analyzation. You must identify the reason, why they pay money for you? What are the things that they expect from you for their money? If you can identify the answers for these questions, you are on the right track. Definitely, you can be able to earn lots of money with photography.

    If you have any question on my article content, you can put a comment on the below comment section. Do you like my article? Please share the article for your friends.


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