Landscape photography is an amazing photography field. We can find millions of marvelous landscape photos from the internet, photography market and different type of photographs available places. The landscape is a kind of objects which is not moving. As an example, we can get mountains, some locations, buildings and etc. This type of landscape objects are available everywhere. But Landscape photographs’ beauty and the photography value is depended on the skill of the photographer. It mainly depends on the composition of an object in the photo frame and the angle of the object viewing. However, each and every photographer cannot forget the landscape photography section. Because it has a very high demand from society. Therefore I listed 10 important tips to make better landscape photography as a professional photographer.

1. You should select a proper location

    In landscape photography, location is the most important thing. If you are lazy to find a good location, better you should forget about landscape photography. You cannot find any nice location those other tips can do a minor effect for your landscape photo output. Then you need to travel to different places to find the best location. Planning is very important for you to save your valuable time before you travel. As well as you need to learn about the techniques for reading maps. Because some rural area doesn’t have an internet connection to use Google maps support. Location is not the only thing for required in landscape photography. Because some locations have more beautiful in exact time. That is some mountain areas are more beautiful in the morning and evening with sunset view. Therefore you should plan to reach the location at the correct time and you need to make your plan to come back safely. 

2. You should have a good Patient

    When you capturing landscape photos, definitely you should have a good patient. Because landscape objects are not moving items or lives. Its appearance is depended on the various type of natural parameters. Such as sunlight, shadows, clouds or some time you need to wait until the sunset too. If you don’t have a good patient you will go away from the location without capturing the right moment. Before you travel for landscape photography, your plan should be included the waiting time and weather forecast on this location for arrange to bring all the equipment that you need to stay here comfortably and safely until came back to your home.

3. You should forget about the lazy and even the word of lazy

    If we captured some landscape photograph on some location where everyone can see that view of that location very easily, that captured photograph doesn’t have any value. Its value is depended on the rareness of the appearance and hardness to reach the captured location to see the captured angle. Sometimes you have to take multiple shots on the same location with spending your time to capture the best angle and stunning view of one landscape location. Sometimes you need to climb up to a large mountain to reach the best viewing of angle. If you are a lazy photographer, you will never try to add that type of value for your landscape photographs. Therefore need to forget even the LAZY word also to become a professional landscape photographer.

4. You should pay attention to the light


     Light is the most important thing in the photography world. Photography word also built with the meaning of the light. As a photographer, you cannot be able to control the light, in Landscape or whatever photography category, your photograph will fail. Light balancing and controlling of the shadows are the main skills that the photographer should have. When we consider about a day, different times have different light levels. Basically, that time levels can be divided as the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night and midnight. You can capture the same object at a different time with different light levels. Your object shadows mainly depend on the position of the sun. Therefore you can be able to make a different kind of beautiful landscape photographs from one location. However, you can capture different stunning photographs at stormy or cloudy climate.

5. Arrange all photography subordinate items

     A DSLR camera is not the only thing that you need to make super quality photographs. There are so many photography related subordinate items for capture super quality images. Especially tripod is the unforgettable item in landscape photography. It is very useful to capture low shutter speed or long exposure images and it is very essential for keeping the DSLR camera in a steady position. Before you get the landscape photographs, you should be positioned your tripod in a steady place with adjusting the height of the legs. As well as when you make landscape photographs at low light condition, you should increase the ISO level of your DSLR camera. Due to this high ISO value, the noise level of your image will increase. Tripod is very important for this type of situations to keep the DSLR camera in a steady position without shaking to reduce the noise interruptions.

     Neutral density and polarizing filters are very useful items for landscape photographers. Landscape photography is completely related to outer objects. As an example, you need to capture a waterfall, river or any wet surface, there are so many light reflections due to water. Because of this light reflection, your captured object can be blurred or unclear. Polarization filter can be used to reduce those unwanted light reflections on your captured image, as well as it provides color enhancement (especially green color and blue color) for your shot.


     If you need to capture the highly lighted sky and ground located landscape object, DSLR camera exposure changing will be a bit of hard. Because if you try to sky area darker, your object will be darker. Same as if you try to more lightly in your object area, sky area will be whiter and your complete photograph will ruin. Graduated ND filters can be used to compensate this issue for considerable level.

6. Better you use the maximum depth of field as you can

     Correct depth of field is very important in landscape photography. Basically, landscape photography is not targeting a single tiny item as an object. It requires a vast area in one photo frame. But we need to highlight one thing, out of other things. Therefore we need to make the appearance of the target object more sharper than the background. If you like, you can make it a portrait type photograph with blurred background. But better you do not use that type of background blurred photographs for landscape photography. Background also an important part in landscape photography. You should change the DSLR camera settings to increase the sharp appearance of your targeted object. However according to my experience better you set your camera to Aperture Priority that is A mode or Av mode. Then you can take control of the aperture as you want. Better you start at around f/8 and work up f/11 or higher f value until you get the correct shot as you except.

7. You must consider about the photography composition

     Either landscape photography or whatever photography category, you need to pay attention to photography composition. Basically, it is the way of your photo frame make correctly, as well as where is the exact location that your object should place in your photo frame and etc.  There are 9 rules of photography composition as guidance to make any kind of photograph as a stunning way.

8. Don’t forget to use Histogram in your DSLR camera

    The histogram is the special feature which is available at all DSLR cameras and other advanced cameras too. It is a kind of a simple graph that can be seen in each every image separately. Basically, there is a special method to read this graph. It can be used to utilize the findings to improve your captured images. This histogram graph is representing the different tonal distribution in your captured photograph. When its left side is representing the dark tones and the right side is representing the light tones.

     However, your photograph’s graph shifted to one side. It means that your image is highly darker or lighter. It is not a fault of your captured image. As an example, some darker image can be used to highlight some different meaning with sad feelings for viewers. In some cases (photography competitions or photography exhibitions) that type of images can be highlighted than the typical images. Anyway according to this histogram graph extends beyond the left level or right level, your image has data with either pure white areas or pure dark (black) areas. In this case, it is very harmful to the final output. Because some details can be lost in your captured image. This camera tool can be used to make more stunning landscape photographs.

9. You should take photos in RAW image file formats

     As a photographer, you should have a piece of good knowledge about the image file formats. Different type of image file formats can be saved in DSLR camera. In landscape photography, you need to spend high effort and time to reach a relevant location. If you couldn’t capture proper photographs, your total effort will be useless. Therefore you never try to use data compressing image file formats to save your landscape photographs. Better you bring additional digital memory storages for your landscape photography tour. Because when you capturing images with the RAW image file format, your each and every image need large storage capacity. RAW file format can save lots of details in your captured shot without undergoing any image compression.

10. Enhance your image appearance

     This is the final step. After you collect your landscape photos collection. You need to use advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to convert RAW images to the readable image file format. (Like JPEG, PNG, TIFF or etc.). As a professional photographer, you should have been able to do the image corrections and appearance enhancements through this photo editing software at the same time. When you check the current photography market, each and every photographer do this step to increase the beauty of their photographs before they publish or sell their own photographs to the customers.

     According to my experience, if you follow these tips, any beginner photographer can directly enter to capture beautiful and the world famous Landscape photographs without huge effort. As well as you can save your time also. I think you guys enjoyed my article. Do you have any question or any clarification on my article content? Please put your valuable comments on below comment section. Please share this article for your friends too. Thank you!



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