Nowadays smartphones are a very common item for every person. That is not easy to find a person without a smartphone. Some people have more than one smartphone. Therefore everyone should have a very basic knowledge of mobile photography. It is the first step for becoming a professional photographer. Either you are a professional photographer or not, it is very useful for day to day life. Smartphones have consisted of different resolution levels, in-built cameras. Some phone has a dual camera for make perfect portrait images. I recommend the iPhone for mobile photography. It has a low amount of resolution camera than the other reputed smartphone brands. But the iPhone has a more powerful and quality camera sensor. Then we can capture quality output images and we can zoom with very low-quality reduction.

    Mobile photography is very easy. We can easily take photographs and delete photos smoothly. As well as inbuilt camera indicates all settings and focusing icons in live view. If you had good practice with this mobile photography, you can easily move to DSLR level professional photography in a very short period. Here I listed 10 important tips to make proper and perfect mobile photographs.

1. Ensure the clearness of your camera lens

      First of all, you have to clean your camera lens with cleaning cloth. If there are some dust particles, it will distract your focusing and it will make blurred dots on the captured image. You have to pay much more attention to your smartphone back cover. You should try to buy a back cover with high thickness near the camera point. Because it has some scratches, it will be permanent and your camera will be useless. Therefore you should ensure the clearness on your camera lens before you go to make photographs from your mobile phone.    

2. Focus your object

     It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or not, focusing is the most important thing in the photography world. We can change our image appearance by changing the focusing option. That is we can make a photograph with sharp outlines or photograph with blurred patterns or background blurred and only focus the object in a photo frame. Out of these type of photographs, I think the last type of photographs are the most eye wondering photographs. If you need to make that type of portrait photographs, your smartphone should have dual camera option. It is similar to human eyes.

     Normal focusing can be done by touching the object on the screen and smartphone camera automatically focus that object. When you going to take portrait type photograph, first your iPhone mode should be changed to portrait mode. Then you have turn camera direction a little bit away from the object and bring back to the object. When your object is focused that indicate by focusing square marks color turn in to yellow color. Don’t forget that your object must be kept approximately 8 feet away from the background. Otherwise, background takes as the object part and it will not be blurred.

3. Make the Exposure properly

     Exposure can be changed automatically or manually in any smartphone. The most effective thing is the manual method. When you use automatically exposure, you need to change exposure mode to auto and touch on the object. The camera will change the light levels and white balances for highlight the object. It is very easy, but it has a bad side too. When the object has properly lighted and the background is in dark light. When you touch on the object whole background will convert to darker and we can’t see anything on the background. Same as when the object has low light and background has high illumination. When you touch on the object, the background will be overexposed and the photograph will be ruined.

     Therefore I recommended the manual exposure is much better than automatically exposure. We can change the light level, white balancing, and other features with considering the whole image appearance. Then we can be able to check the live image preview through the smartphone screen. It is the best way to capture photographs with the best exposure.

4. Zoom out as much as you can

Zoom is very important for capture object properly inside of the photo frame. As well as it needs to capture some object in a place where the photographer cannot reach. In mobile photography, zooming is made a bad effect for output photograph.

masterphotography. info free learn photography zoom out
masterphotography. info free learn photography zoom in

      A zooming procedure can be divided into two types. That is digital zooming and optical zooming. Normally DSLR Camera has optical zooming lenses. Therefore how much we zoomed, we haven’t to face any quality reduction or blurred view of any photographs. But smartphone has in-built digital zooming function only. Therefore when you increase the zooming level, image quality will reduce considerably and it will get blurred. At the zoom moment, if your camera shakes a little bit, your whole image will be blurred. Then as a mobile photographer, you should try to capture an image without using the zoom function. Zoom out photographs have good quality and more information than zoomed photographs.

5. Try to keep your phone steady as much as you can

      This is also important for any kind of photography. When you take a photograph, your camera should keep steady. Otherwise, your photograph gets blurry. Therefore you need to hold your smartphone steady.

      It can be done in a different way. You can use mobile phone mountable tripod for keeps your phone steady. Furthermore, you can use your headphone to capture an image without touching your phone. Then you can ensure that our phone is 100% steady at the capturing instance.

     Selfie photos are another type of photos that are capturing by using smartphones. In this case, you need to hold your phone in your hand. There is no option for keeps your phone 100% steady. The only thing that you can hold your phone steady as much as you can. Otherwise, your image can be blurred.

6. Try to keep your phone in a different location for make photographs

    People used to take photographs with a normal standing position. It is the common way of capturing photographs. As a professional photographer, you should do something that already available. You try to add something to your photographs in an artistic way. Try to capture an image by changing the location of the camera. As an example, you can keep your phone closer to the floor or closer to leaf and object keep behind it or capture images with changing the angles of the smartphone camera and etc.

masterphotography. info free learn photography camera location 3

7. Always get multiple shots from one occasion

     You cannot guarantee that you got the image is 100% correct. For an example, when we capturing a photograph of a human face, eyes can be closed when you were capturing the photograph. That example is related to object error. As well as it can occur some technical error. Such as focusing can be changed, color balancing can be changed instantaneously. However, you should better keep multiple shots on one occasion. Because you can delete all the unwanted similar photographs very easily.

This tip has both pros and cons. sometimes these multiple images are important for capturing random poses from the moving objects. It is a big advantage of this tip. Same as you need large storage capacity for store multiple images and you have to spend additional time to delete those unwanted similar images. It is the disadvantage of this mobile photography tip.

8. Panorama Mode

     Panorama mode is a special feature for capturing images in smartphones. It is using for capture large area at once in one photo frame. In this moment camera acts as a video recorder for a few seconds and capturing 3600 degrees coverage for one 2D photograph. Normally human eye does not sensitively forsee images like this. Therefore it has a value of eye wondering. When you are capturing panorama photographs, you should move your camera is very slow and 100% horizontally. If you move your smartphone fast, your photograph will get blurry. If you move a bit of vertical direction, your image borders will make black color line. Then your image can be ruined. 

9. Don’t use effects and any modifications from third-party apps

       There are millions of apps for photo features enhancing and do modifications in google play store and apple store. Those enhancements can make the photograph appear as pretty good. But it will become an artificial appearance. Natural images have more artistic and photographic value than artificial images. Therefore try to capture pure natural images in mobile photography.    

10. Photography composition

       This is not only related to mobile photography. When you take any kind of photo you must think about the object composition in the photo frame. If you like to learn photography composition completely. Let’s check this out.

      If you learn something from my article or do you have any question please share your comments in below comments section and share for your friend to learn mobile photography.


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