Do you like to earn extra money from photography at home as a leisure time activity?

       Yeah, that is possible. Do like to add some value of your photography skills? Online photo selling is the method of converting the photography skills to real money. The special case is that your income does not have any limitation.  If you can contribute millions of photographs for top-ranked photo selling websites, you can earn money from million US Dollars.

Do you like to know the real situation behind this beautiful story?

        As a photographer, you have the legal ownership for your all captured photographs under the act of intellectual property. Anyone cannot use those photos for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without your legal permission. In this online photo, the selling process is like this. That intellectual property’s ownership was shared with another party for money. After they have done their payments, the buyer can use your image for any commercial and non-commercial purpose as they want. Any photographer can earn millions of money from using this method at home. I think now you have a question,

What are the trusted and real money paying online photo buying websites?

    Okay, Here I mentioned, top 12 trusted online photo buying websites for your usage. I’m already working with few websites. Don’t waste your time. Let’s check those websites one by one

1. Shutterstock

      Shutterstock website has been the most popular online photo buying and selling for the last couple of decades. Already they have more than 250 million stock of photographs, short videos and audio music that any customer can buy online. Therefore they could have made more than one of the million photo uploading community and customer based. Shutterstock gives clear payments and they are highly concerned to protect the copyrights. Normally they are sharing the photograph’s owners detail to highlight credits to the intellectual property owner.  However, due to these plus points, they could have to make over one million trusted customer based all around the world.    

     Shutterstock is already ranked website in all search engines. Therefore they have already made a very large worldwide audience. As a photographer, you can share your photography skills for all around the world with low effort. As well as you can earn money for each and every download. Shutterstock has paid more than 600 million Dollars to their contributors. This website shares approximately 30% value from all sold products. Payments can be collected at the end of the month. Normally they pay out a range of $0.25 to $30 per sale.

2. Adobe Stock

       Adobe stock website is formerly popular as the Fotolia. This site is mainly famous as edited photographs publication. They give priority for edited photographs, especially from professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Those photos automatically linked to Adobe Stock Library. Therefore those photos have a high demand in Adobe software application users. Adobe professional editor applications are the most famous editor software for so many reasons. Such as Performance, Speed, large no of Effects, large no of Filters and user-friendly interface. Therefore they have so many buyers from all around the world.      

   Adobe stock pays a considerably high percentage for contributors than other online photo buying websites. It’s up to 50% per sale.  Especial, this website gives their payment immediately. When you dealing with some websites, you have to wait until reaching their threshold level or you have to wait one exact time period to collect your payments. Due to this plus reason, Adobe stock is very famous and they could be able to make huge trusted customer base. They already have more than 50 million photo stock and they have more than 10 years’ experience in the online photo stock field. 

3. 500px

   500px is another best market place for selling your photographs. 500px is Google ranked website. Therefore it has very high viewers and buyer base. Then you can sell your photos with a good price range. We can download a mobile app for easy logging and easy user interface. First of all, you need sign-in to 500px website with making your own photo stock account. Then you can upload images for your portfolios and earn money from this website.

4. Alamy

     Alamy is a great online phonograph selling website. They have more than 70 million images and other artistic aspects. Alamy website has already paid out more than 200 million US Dollars for their contributors. The secret of their sudden growth is their payment method. Alamy gives 50% of their every sale. Therefore, photographers were very satisfied with their revenue. Then Alamy could be gathered a very large audience around them. There is another plus point that is every photographer can be uploaded their images without legal issues from copyrights and licensing.

5. Etsy

    Etsy is a very famous website for online buy and selling handmade items. They had more than 35 million users are doing either buy items and contribute their product to sell through this popular website. They have a very audience due to the high rank in web browsers’ search engines. Therefore automatically items demand will increase with their audience who buy those items. Etsy provides the capability to make the images displaying set up as you want. As well as you can sell your photographers’ printed version also through this website. This process is very similar to reputed websites like eBay and Aliexpress. Seller has the responsibility of the shipping process with perfects and safely packed.  

6. Crestock

    Crestock is another good photography selling website. This website can be used for making extra money for your photography skills and talents. But you have to get their admins approval for publishing your own photo on their website. After that, you can start to earn money from here. Especial case in this website is you can add your own description for your each and every photo with keywords. These keywords are very important to become like the top search results to customers.

7. PhotoShelter

    PhotoShelter is a good place to sell your photos for customers. They provide a cloud space for publishing your images in online space. This website is functioning as a completely e-commerce based website. First, you have to buy a cloud space and PhotoShelter provides monthly plans to buy. Then they give permission to set up your own template as you want. Therefore you can be able to make the appearance of your photos and the selling price also.  PhotoShelter is a highly ranked web site in search engines. Therefore you do not need to worry about the Search Engine Optimization techniques because they already made a huge customer audience. PhotoShelter is famous than other photo selling websites because they are providing online selling process, as well as they deliver the prints of the products all around the world. Then customers are willing to dealing with this online market place.

8. Dreamstime

     This is the example of quality in photo selling the market place. They pay more attention to maintaining the quality and standard of all photographs which are showing in the Dreamstime website. Dreamstime is the oldest and well reputed online photo seller. They are providing up to 50% payment for all approved photos. That percentage can be increased by up to 60%. Plus point is, Dreamstime gives bonus value for each and every approved submission. Dreamstime is search engine ranked website and they could earn more customer attention with quality and standards.

9. Snapped4u

    Snapped4u website is the most suitable place to add some considerable value for your skills and talents. Because you can publish your images on Snapped4u and customers can buy it through the website. Snapped4u get the small commission from each sale. The best thing, Snapped4u gets their commission only from more than $5 sales. If it is less than $5, Snapped4u does not get any charge from the photo owner. There is no any restrictions and limitations. Especially as a photographer, you can upload any photographs which you captured in any photography occasion. Such as wedding events, Party events, trips, and special hiking photographs etc..

10. 123RF

     123RF is another highly payable for their contributors. They are used to pay up to 60% of the selling price. That percentage value is depended on the amount of contribution of the contributors. 123RF website could gather large customer and contribution audience. Therefore this website can be categorized as a good online photo selling a market place. Normally contributors are uploading around five hundred thousand images per week and they have the existing stock is around 50 million images in their stock. There are paying as below,

  • Below 250 images – 30%
  • More than 1 million – 60%
  • Between 250 to 1 million – 30% to 60%

11. BlueMelon

     BlueMelon is not a complicated phot selling website. You just have to upload your own images, share through the website, sell your photographs and you will be able to earn extra money for your photography skills. BlueMelon has the authority to make the appearance of your photo which was you uploaded and the decision making of your payment percentage. However, according to the BlueMelon website audience and payment rates, there are so many photographers inducing to sell their photograph on this website. BlueMelon website directly integrated into easy sharing with social media and blog websites. This is the main plus point on this website.

12. Can Stock Photo

      Can Stock Photo website can be used as the easy way to sell your photo and make some money. This is a good online photo selling website and they have large online buyers based. Enter Can Stock Photo website and you need to get the approval form their admins. For that, you have upload 3 images and they will review your skills and photo quality. They get a maximum of 1 working day to give the reviewing results. After getting the approval you can upload any no of photos at one to Can Stock Photo stock. They are shearing 50% of each and every sale with their contributor. Due to this high percentage, they could be made the large no of contributors around them.

    As a photographer, I think you got some idea of the online photographer selling websites with a very small introduction. Don’t waste your time, Start to earn from your photography skills right now. Here I guide you to go for the best option. I hope you guys enjoy my article. Please, you can put any comments on below comment section and share this article for your friends.

                             ~HAVE A NICE DAY!~  


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