If you learn photography, or you have good skills in capture super quality images, you should add some value for your effort. Otherwise, those skills will be useless. Contest, completions, and exhibitions are the evaluating points of your photography skills, as well as those things can give a meaning for your learning photography. Basically, we can find there are thousands of photography events which are holding all around the world and those events are organized by different types of photography related parties. Photography websites are one key category. They organize huge photography contest events and most of the events open for any photographer in any country. They give high-valuable prizes for all winners. Those prizes can be money or gold or used equipment for everyone. Candidates need to pay some registration fees for some contests and some contests are free for all. There are a few reasons behind organizing these type of contests. That is,

  • Increase their website’s publicity and traffic
  • Increase the number of users and photographs contributors
  • Some websites administrators love to photography. They are trying to encourage young photographers and photography beginners. Therefore they are organizing these types of international events.
  • Earn money with advertising
  • Sometimes those happening events will be a popular topic with people and other websites. Then those websites can increase their google ranking and authority
  • Absorb newcomers for the professional photography world, etc.
  • Here I mentioned a few reasons only. However, we do not need to worry about them. We need to win the contest. Then you can get huge money prizes, as well as you can get huge publicity all around the world. Therefore you can be able to increase your no of customers and reputation in the photography field. If you need to win this type of contest, you should do some pre-preparation for each contest. You need to pay your attention to a few factors. That is,
  • First, you need to go through those websites carefully to identify their favoriting and what are topics (Photography categories) that they always try to promote. We can find the admin team on every website. Especially photography websites have photographers team as their admin team. Therefore each photographer has specialized some certain photography filed (wedding, landscape, model or human photography, etc.). Therefore they give more priority for their specialized section. Then you need to identify the related fields of the website’s admin team.
  • You need to check past winners photographs. Then you can get a good idea of the competition condition and level of the competitors.
  • Find about the photography background of the grudge board.
  • Check the reviews of the contest viewers.

     If you follow those steps before entering the contest, you have the proper path to play a huge role in the contest. Here I mentioned the top photography website contest that you can apply for a win and start your career with photography. Photography can be categorized for a top-earning job as a part-time or full time. A wedding photographer earns more than 3000 USD per day.

1. International Photography Awards

     International Photography Awards is held as an annual function. Normally it is completely opened for all kinds of photographers. Such as professional photographers, amateur photographers, and photography students from any country. We can call this the world largest website based photography contest. Therefore competitors have a very high competition to win this event. However if you can win this event your whole photography life will change on the positive side and it is can be enlightening to your photography career, as well as your popularity. Normally there are over 85 judgers will contribute their decisions to select the awarded photographs. They give awards for different kinds of fields and they were published awarded photographs on their official website with all winners’ details.  IPA releases a book, annually and it is called as “IPA Annual Book of Photography”. Awarded photographs show in a huge exhibition event in New York City. Winners can get over 22,000 USD as a cash prize. They have given over 225,000 USD as a cash prize up to now.

2. Proify Awards

     Proify International photography awards completion is held annually. This contest opens for the whole world. Especially Proify International photography awards completion is very important for amateur photographers and beginner student photographers to get a proper head start to their story of photography life. If you can win this event, they will publish your photographs to share your talents to the whole world, through their original website. There are 12 main photography categories that they will give awards in every year, that is,

  • Wedding photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Street photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Travel photography
  • After dark photography
  • Panoramic photography
  • Retro photography
  • HDR photography
  • Drone photography
  • Macro photography

     This event is held in New Zealand. They aim to find new talented photographers and give their worldwide recognition to increase their reputation and encourage those types of people. Proify International photography website provides a special tour to different beautiful places in New Zealand for all winners. All expenses are paid by Luxury Photo Tour in New Zealand.

3. National Geography

   National Geography is a very famous website and most people can be recognized as a bright yellow magazine. I think this website logo is very familiar to you. National Geography’s admins are mainly focusing the emotional clicks from all photographers. Especially they are publishing so many emotional storytelling photographs on their website. They are organizing a large photography contest and they give marvelous awards for winners. Normally there are so many counties that can participate as a competitor. National Geography contest winners can get cash prizes, as well as tour prizes for different beautiful places. National Geography website is a highly-ranked website in google search engines, therefore there is huge viewer traffic every day. When they publish the winners’ photos on their website is giving huge popularity for all winners. That is a big chance to show the flying colors for the whole world.

4. Coinaphoto

    Wow, CainaPhoto website is another google ranked website with huge visitor traffic and it is kind of a linking chain of real photography community from all around the world. They are selecting daily and monthly winners for first, second and third places and they are giving cash prizes for winners, as well as they share the winners’ photographs will publish through their social media profiles. The most famous professional photographers are connected to this photography community and they are evaluating these all shared photographs. CainaPhoto website can be introduced as an online photo selling market. Therefore you can earn money through this website. The beauty of this website is that they are publishing tips and guidance for making stunning and quality photographs as a lecture series.

5. Sony World Photography Awards

    Sony World Photography Awards contest is organized by well-reputed and leading electronic device manufacture Sony cooperation through their one of the website. They hold this contest for various type of categories. Such as professional level category, open event for all, youth crowed category and photography student category. They give the various type of prizes for each category separately. Therefore this contest door opens to choose your category and participate for the win this event.

6. Wedding and Portrait Photographers

     Wedding and Portrait Photographers website is completely related to wedding photography and portrait photography. They are organized wedding photography contest, as well as portrait photography contest separately for photography competitors. WPPI has an amazing judge board for evaluation in the contest. They are arranging conference discussions with competitors to give an introduction about they are focusing factors in contest evolution. Therefore competitors have a huge advantage to participate in the contest with fruitful photographs. 

7. Two Bright Lights

     Two Bright Lights is a kind of photo publishing portfolio website. You have to pay a small fee to register on this website and you can make your portfolio with your photographs. Then you can be able to publish your skills all around the world and people can buy your photographs through this website.  Two Bright Light website has a user-friendly interface and it is very easy to make your portfolio beautifully. They make a competition among those portfolios and winners can take surprising gifts.

8. PPA Photography Competition

     PPA defines Professional Photographers of America. This website has built relationships, as associate memberships with world-class reputed professional photographers. PPA Photography competition is not limited to internationally open completion. They arrange the different various type of competitions for USA locals too. Therefore your winning possibility will increase. USA locals have a big advantage to make conference discussion with the judge board. Then you can participate with more confidence and you can be able to take shots with relating to the judge board favoriting and super quality photographs to win these contests. Judges are used to elaborating their opinions for winning photographs and it is very helpful for other competitors to win the next contest event easily.  

9. Shoot The Frame

     Shoot the Frame photography contest event held in every month. This is an international level of large completion. Basically, they are focusing on the main three categories for the evolution criteria of this completion. That is Portrait photography of human faces, beautiful landscape photography and epically wildlife photography. You can participate in this contest every month for any field with different types of quality photographs. Those Judges don’t know any detail of the photographer until they select the winning photographs. Therefore new comes has a big chance to win this contest. Shoot the Frame website gives grate prizes for winners.

10. Blur Magazine

    Blur Magazine is a famous international photography E-magazine. They established this magazine to improve and promote creative photography, as well as encourage young photographers to make more stunning and creative output products for the world. Blur Magazine was established in 2007. It is a kind of meeting board of professional and talented photographers from more than 200 countries around the world. When you submit photographs for this magazine, they will promote it and give huge publicity. People can free download those images. They always reviewing your all images after submission. Then they select a winning image in every month. That winning image is called “Blur image of the month”. Those winning2 photos are selected from different methods. The first one is selected by the website admin panel. Second awarded image selected by viewers. As a photographer, this is a cool place to make your publicity around the world and win awards each month.

    If you engaged and work with photography, there should be some benefits for you. When you start photography as a career, you can play a huge role and you can earn money a lot. But definitely, you need more publicity to make a large customer base. Those type of contests is very important to publish your skills and make a huge reputation from all around the world. This path can be called a short cut path to become a successful top ranking photographer. Don’t waste your time, let’s take the first step either win or lose because when taking the first step means, you were completed half of the work. I think you guys enjoy my article. If you have any questions of doubt on my content, please comment on the below comment section. We have highly appreciated your comments and we will reply as soon as possible.

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