The wedding couple has a huge expectation for the stunning wedding photography album on their dream wedding day.

Therefore, the wedding photographer should handle the best wedding camera settings and configuration strategies quickly and correctly.   

As a good wedding photographer, you should have better skills to change the DSLR camera setting to capture the right photo with the proper configuration. Otherwise, you can miss those one-time incidences in the wedding ceremony session.

If you have done a successful wedding photography session, definitely you can find new clients from their wedding crowd.

Therefore, you should perform very well to the wedding couple and wedding day guest crowd too. 

Regularly, a wedding ceremony is not holding in a studio. You have to capture photographs in different locations. Different locations have different light levels and environmental conditions. 

According to those conditions, wedding photographers have to change the DSLR camera setting to highlight the object, shadow, and beautiful background. It should be related to express the feeling of the occasion too. 

Therefore, here I have listed the best camera configurations to do a client satisfied wedding photography session. Those wedding photography camera settings tips can use commonly for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. 

1. Select manual camera setting mode

DSLR Camera Mode Selector
Camera: Canon EOS 50D, Lens: 76.0mm, Settings: ƒ/5.6 1/50s ISO 1600

If you use DSLR camera automatic mode, it will be very easy. But you cannot get variable and amazing photographs with automatic mode. Because automatic mode follows the make photographs as the live view only. 

Simultaneously, automatic camera settings mode always follows similar algorithms. Therefore all photos have an approximately identical appearance. 

A DSLR camera has adjustable features to make super quality images. Then, why you use the most natural way. Everyone can do something, and there is no value. 

In wedding photography, better you go with the shutter priority mode and aperture priority mode. It is a primary level feature that is available in all Brands of DSLR cameras. 

During the wedding photography session, you have to capture moving instances. Therefore you have to keep the high shutter speed to make freeze photographs. (1/500 or 1/1000 are the best shutter speed values in the shutter speed priority mode)

Freeze Wedding Photography Scene – High Sutter Speed
Camera: Canon EOS 6D, Lens: 24.0mm, Settings: ƒ/4.0 ISO 100

In aperture controlling should keep taking portrait type photographs. Therefore I recommended using f/1.4 – f/2.8 range value in aperture priority mode. But if you need to capture large areas into your photo frame, better you use high aperture value.

The best ISO value for wedding photography depends on the light availability of the location. Better you use 100 or 200 ISO values in the day time and 400 or 800 ISO values at night wedding photography session.

Please take the test shot to confirm the correct ISO value according to the location.

2. Depth of field set to go to portrait type images

Portrait Wedding Photo
Camera: Nikon D300, Lens: 50.0mm, Settings: ƒ/2.0 10/4000s ISO 500

Groom and Bride are the key objects in wedding photography. Therefore portrait images are very helpful for making the blurred background and highlight the wedding couple.

Therefore, you always try to make portrait images. The depth of field is the key feature of taking portrait photographs. I mentioned clearly camera settings of making portrait-type photographs in the above tip.

Don’t forget that you should make some distance between your object and the object’s background. It should be more than 4 or 5 feet to make proper portrait photographs.

3. Use flashlights for every shot

Night Wedding Photography
Camera: Canon EOS 6D, Lens: 50.0mm, Settings: ƒ/2.8, 1/40s, 6400 ISO

Low shutter speed means, your camera has a very low time duration to insert light from the object. Then the lighting level should be perfect.

Otherwise, your captured images will be darker. Then better you use your flashlights for all photos. 

But in outdoor or in sunlight better you check the light condition with a test shot and ignore the flashlight outside. Otherwise, your images will be overexposed and useless. 

If you come to capture outside shots with sunlight, you can off-camera flashlight. Because flashlight does not affect in high sunlight as well as flashlight will drain your camera battery a lot.

4. Select the most suitable lens according to the locations

Various Types of DSLR Camera Lenses
Photo Has Been Taken By NIKON D90 Camera

Lenses are the most important equipment which is working parallel to the DSLR camera. You have to select a lens by considering the distance from the object. 

Basically small size and wide-angle lenses are more suitable for outdoor wedding photography.

But if you are doing an indoor wedding photography session, better you go for a prime lens. Because of that prime lenses are the expert in capturing sharper edges in closer objects. 

An indoor wedding ceremony has limited space to do all the things. Therefore zoom lenses are not useful in this scenario. 

wedding photography settings with high shutter speed

Now you have a clear path to do on the wedding photography session and basic knowledge of “How to handle your DSLR camera in any wedding photography session?”

Furthermore, you should add something with your own creativity to make the final wedding photography album to your client.

If you have any questions about this article, please comment on the below-commenting section. We are a pleasure to collect your feedback and give improved articles in the future.


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