A wedding day is the most expected dream day for the Bride and Groom. People would like to celebrate and gather memories of their beautiful wedding ceremony. 

Wedding photography is an unforgettable topic in all wedding ceremonies. People would like to lots of money to get a beautiful wedding album full of with Bride, Groom, and others.

Sometimes the wedding couple may neglect some cheap wedding photography packages too. Therefore you can think about the importance of a wedding photography session. 

The wedding photographer is the most responsible person to coordinate the couple and make stunning and creative wedding photographs. But if the wedding couple has general knowledge about wedding photography tips, beautiful wedding photography poses will more helpful to hold a successful stunning wedding photography session. 

Wedding photography tips

Therefore, here I have listed a few important wedding photography tips to make stunning wedding photography. Those wedding photography tips are useful for all of the wedding photographer, beginner wedding photographers, and clients.

1. Follow wedding photography experts to get to know about the practical scenario

Follow Field Experts
Camera – NIKON D5300, Lens – 300.0mm, Settings: ƒ/5.6 ISO 140

If you can share the experience with professionals, it is a super boosting method of learning in any filed. Especially it is a huge time-saving in a practical field like wedding photography.

Books’ knowledge and content are no enough to be a quality and professional wedding photographer. In a practical scenario, it is not easier much as the story of a book.

Filed experienced person had been facing a different type of practical issue in the previous wedding photography session. As a beginner wedding photographer, you can be reduced the no of issues in once for a lifetime with experience from field experts. 

2. Make a complete plan and checklist with a photography gear list

Proper To-Do Checklist
Camera – NIKON D5100, Lens – 35.0mm, Settings: ƒ/2.8 10/600s ISO 400

This topic should start from the discussion with the couple. Because you must be arranged your schedule according to the couple’s wiliness and satisfaction.

The wedding photographer has to pay his attention to a few areas. Such as,

  • Dressing of couple
  • Location (indoor or outdoor, day time function or night time function)
  • The theme of the wedding
  • Proper lighting and clear background
  • Locations to keep the DSLR camera in a proper and steady place without disturbances from the crowd.

Your wedding photography session should not be disturbed for the crowd also.

List of remarkable clicks. (Wedding photography does not only capture the wedding couple, but you should also capture photographs with decorations, wedding rings, wedding cake, invitation cards, flower bouquets, jewelry of bride, etc…

The wedding photographer has to capture instantaneous reactions of the couple, family portrait shoots, and reception photographs.

Schedule of the church ceremony and you have to make photographs with crown and without the crowd.

According to the above details, the wedding photographer should arrange the required photography gear list and plan schedule for a complete day with the timeline. 

3. Highlight the bridal dress 

Beautiful Bride Dress Photography

Bride photography is the most important thing in all wedding photography session. If anyone neglects this important wedding photography tip, definitely that wedding photography album will be useless.  

Creative Bride Dress Photo
Camera – Canon EOS 1000D, Lens – 28.0mm, Settings: ƒ/2.2 ISO 400

Wedding albums should be consisted of bridal dress and wedding close up photos. Therefore wedding photographers must have to make different angle shots to highlight the real beauty of the bride and bridal dress.

The wedding photographer should capable of highlight the important details of the bridal dress by changing the DSLR camera settings to make the most suitable exposure, according to the environment and color of the bridal dress.

4. Make sure the spare accessories

Wedding Photography Related Subordinate Gears
Camera – Redmi Note 5 Pro, Lens – 3.81mm, Settings: ƒ/2.2 ISO 640

According to the checklist of wedding photography plan, additionally, the photographer has to make another list of required photography-related subordinate accessories.

There should keep extra digital storage and battery. Because of that wedding photography team has captured more than thousands of shots during the ceremony period.

Photographers don’t have any leisure time to delete unwanted photographs to keep space in your storage. Therefore they have to do the photography session continuously until the end. Extra batteries also require to fulfill this continuous process.

The extra camera need for backup. Otherwise, it can be a serious issue if your camera is malfunctioning.

Basically, a better wedding photography team should keep extra photography-related subordinated accessories to make stunning and continuous wedding photography session. 

5. Use multiple shots in different angles

Wedding Photo Has Taken From Floor Level

Normally wedding photographers may have to take various shots with high shutter speed. After the client can choose the most beautiful shot out of them all.

Furthermore, photographers have to get more photographs on the same occasion from different angles. Then the client may find more easier to select the best one to insert the final wedding photo album.

6. Be the first click with multiple

Team of Wedding Photographers
Camera – NIKON Z 6, Lens – 30.5mm, Settings: ƒ/4.0 ISO 1100

A wedding ceremony has so many first moments. That moments are the First look of the Groom, first kiss, the first dance of the couple, etc.

The wedding photographer should capture those all moments from the start.

Because of this, each photograph will be a beautiful memory for their lifetime. Wedding couple needs to keep their moment of first as a memorial item.

However, those moments are happening only a few seconds. Therefore the photographer should respond very fast with multiple shots at every moment. Otherwise, you will miss it up.

Better photographers use high shutter speed during this period. Because the wedding ceremony has good lighting conditions. Therefore your images will not be dark.

Then the photographer can be able to get multiple quick shots in a minimum period. This wedding photography tip is representing the primary job role of a wedding photographer.

7. Include pre-planned shots

Creative Wedding Photo
Camera: Sony Ilce-7, Lens: 85mm F1.8, 85.0mm, Settings: ƒ/3.2 1/800s ISO 100

Seventh wedding photography tip is interesting to show the photography skills of the wedding photographer. You have to make some special photographs of the couple in pre-planned locations.

According to the wedding location and time, the wedding photographer has to make a plan to make quality value add wedding photographs creates with camera eye (Example: Black and white photographs, shadow photographs, etc…)

Photographer has to control your DSLR camera settings to add something, more than that naked human eye can’t do. 

Definitely, the photographer needs to use a professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to do the finishing part of wedding photographs.

Bride Photography With Her Beautiful Dress
Camera: Canon EOS 5d Mark III, Lens: EF70-200mm f2.8L USM, Settings: 7 0.0mm ƒ2.8 1250s ISO 200

As a wedding photographer, you should have to cover three main areas. That is,

  • Groom Photographs – Basically photographer has to take shots on the Groom and his dressing. Such as few individual and different posing shots of Groom, his flower on his suit, tie nod shots, highlight the wedding ring, cufflinks, a wristwatch with relaxing hands, random shots of Groom with using different accessories (sunglass, the jacket is kept on the shoulder), as well as photographers have to take few no of shots of Groom with his best man team.
  • Bride Photographs – Bride is the role character in this whole function. Therefore you have to take a bit larger amount of photographs on Bride with highlighting her jewelry, flower bouquet, wale, her fingers with a wedding ring, shoe level shots, etc. Normally the photographer should take her smile at a wedding photoshoot. Because wedding photography alum is enlisting with her smile. You must get shots of the bride with bridesmaids too.

Bride and Groom Photographs together – This is a very important part of Wedding Photography. A wedding is completely based on love and romance. You need to highlight it with special photography posing. Such as cuddling, perfect I contacting without a smile, kissing with closed eyes, Groom takes bride his hands and nose to nose contacting poses and especially you need to be highlighted their fingers and wedding rings. Those are the main symbol of the wedding ceremony. 

8. Collection of Group photos 

Funny wedding Group Photo
Camera: Canon EOS 5d Mark III, Lens: 24-105mm, Settings: 24.0mm, ƒ/14.0 1/200s ISO 400
Bride With Group of Bridesmaids
Camera: Nikon D700, Lens: 85.0 mm f/1.8, Settings: 85.0mm ƒ/3.5 1/400s ISO 200

A wedding ceremony is full of with all guests, friends, relations, and neighbors. Basically, they are willing to take portrait photographs with the couple.

But the wedding photographer has a limited time to do all the things. Therefore they should make better groups and take their photographs with the wedding couple.

Take Wedding crew group photo with different poses and placing unique locations.

Normally take multiple shots on group photos, because the photographer cannot monitor each person in the group before captured the photograph.

9. Ready with a photographer’s team to cover the wedding function

Multiple Photographers
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Lens: EF50mm f/1.8 II, Settings: 50.0mm ƒ/10.0 1/30s ISO 200

A wedding photography session cannot be covered with only a DSLR camera. The photography team has to carry all subordinate photography accessories to make a stunning wedding photography session.

Better they have a helping person for controls the lighting equipment and takes test shots.

If you feel that your photographer team cannot cover the whole event, better you will go for another capable wedding photographer team immediately.

Then you can save your time, and you can cover the whole wedding ceremony event without missing any instance.

10. Make a smile from the album 

Romantic Wedding Day Kiss
Camera – Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Lens: 24.0mm, Settings: ƒ/2.8 ISO 100
Children Smile On Wedding Ceremony
Camera: Sony Ilce-7m3, Lens: FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM, Settings: 16.0mm ƒ/3.5 1/1250s ISO 640

Considering the occasion, a photographer can capture some random shots to add a wedding photo collection. Those moments will be able to make a smile on the wedding album viewer.

Example points,

  • Children smile
  • Photographs of kids playing
  • Guest chatting time
  • Dancing floor
  • Friends with wine glass

Finally, as a photographer, you have to achieve customer satisfaction is your ultimate thing. If you follow those wedding photography tips, you can prepare a perfect wedding photo album for a new married couple.

If you have any questions about this article, please comment on the below-commenting section. We are a pleasure to collect your feedback and give improved articles in the future.


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