Photography has a fascinating history. Some photographs have been popular as the famous photographs of all time due to some reasons. 

Basically, those famous photos had been taken from very basic cameras with a lack of advance camera features. Some famous photographs had been captured a very rare incidence as well as some actions are sudden cases. Therefore the photographer could take the freeze shot of instance.

Therefore some photographs have become as famous photographs in the world. 

Here I have listed 19 world famous photos of all the times. You can observe the reason behind to become famous all over the world. But you should consider the time frame of the photos too.

1. Photo of Terri Gurrola

Photo of Terri Gurrola
Photo Source:

Terri Gurrola is a military lady, but however, she is a mother. The world famous ironic photograph shows the love of the mother.

As a military lady, she has very hard and tough. But she saw her little daughter after serving seven months in Iraq, 2007.

Her face shows us the amount of love to her child, and she had felt how much aloneness at the battle filed for the last seven months. 

2. Raising of U.S. flag at Mount Suribachi

Raising of U.S. flag at Mount Suribachi
Photo Source:

War photography is a famous section. The above image can be categorized as the famous photograph of war.

But war photography is a very dangerous photography field. Therefore lots of war photographs were becoming very famous in the world.

Joe Rosenthal took the above world famous photograph on 23rd February in 1945. It was depicted six United States Marines raising a U.S. flag atop Mount Suribachi, during the Battle of Iwo Jima, in World War II

3. The famous photo in the Vietnam war

The famous photo in the Vietnam war
Photo Source:

This famous photograph was captured by Eddie Adams. It shows the Police Chief General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing a Vietcong prisoner, Nguyễn Văn Lém, on a Saigon street, on 1st February in 1968, during the opening stages of the Tet Offensive. 

4. The famous kiss of US Navy Sailor

The famous kiss of US Navy Sailor
Photo Source:

Alfred Eisenstaedt captured this famous lovely photograph. It portrays a U.S. Navy sailor who was grabbing, bends back, and kissing a nurse in a white dress on Victory over Japan Day in New York City’s Times Square on 14th August in 1945.

5. The falling soldier

The falling soldier
Photo Source:

This is another famous photo of war. Robert Capa was a Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist. He was the companion and professional partner of photographer Gerda Taro.

He is arguably the greatest combat and adventure photographer in history. This photograph was taken on 5th September in 1936.

It was said to depict the death of a Republican, specifically an Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth soldier, during the Spanish Civil War. 

6. The famous helpless look of Florence Owens Thompson

The famous helpless look of Florence Owens Thompson
Photo Source:

Dorothea Lange took this photograph, and it’s elaborate the humanize cost of the Great Depression.

This world famous photograph shows Florence Owens Thompson and her children in February or March of 1936 in Nipomo, California.

7. The wail of Mary Ann

The wail of Mary Ann
Photo Source:

This photo is saying a sad story from famous photographs history. The photograph depicts the 14 years old Mary Ann Vecchio was kneeling and crying over the body of Jeffrey Miller, who had been fatally shot by the Ohio National Guard moments earlier, on 4th May in 1970.

John Filo took this photograph during the immediate aftermath of the Kent State shootings.

8. Bad memory of Boston Bomb Blast

Bad memory of Boston Bomb Blast
Photo Source:

There is a 78 years old man who was knocked to the ground by the first of two bomb blasts during the Boston marathon has described the impact and how he managed to get up and cross the finish line.

This photograph is famous due to the instant case. Photographer had taken this photo while the bomb was blasting very closer to him. 

9. Marilyn Monroe’s surprise

Marilyn Monroe’s surprise
Photo Source:

This photo can be categorized as the famous photographs of women. An iconic Photograph took by Sam Shaw in cinematic history.

Marilyn Monroe was in a little white dress, and it was blowing up while she was standing over a subway grate in New York on 15th September 1954.

10. The firing of German Passenger Airship

The firing of German Passenger Airship
Photo Source:

A German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire, and it was destroyed during its attempt to dock with its mooring mast at Naval Air Station Lakehurst in Manchester Township, New Jersey, the United States on 6th May in 1937.

11. Chinese Brave Tank Man

Chinese Brave Tank Man
Photo Source:

The world famous photograph shows a Tank Man who a Chinese man stands in front of Chinese tanks in the act of defiance following the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 month of June.

12. Famous road kiss

Famous road kiss
Photo Source:

This photograph shows the meaning of love. Love never leaves away whatever the situation is, how hard or soft. There is an Australian boy called Scott Jones who was kissing his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas after she was knocked to the ground by a police officer’s riot shield in Vancouver, British Columbia.

13. The photo of a naked girl burning with Napalm

The photo of a naked girl burning with Napalm
Photo Source:

This is a very trembling memory of famous photographs history. When the South Vietnamese air force mistakenly dropped a load of napalm on the village.

Vietnamese photographer took pictures of a group of children and soldiers along with a screaming naked girl running on the highway.

That girl had been hit by napalm. She was screaming. After admitting to the hospital. When she was admitting, she might not survive the third-degree burns covering 30 percent of her body.

She transferred to an American facility for treatment that saved her life.

14. Revolutionary  Che Guevara

Revolutionary Che Guevara
Photo Source:

Alberto Korda captured this famous person’s, famous photo. This is a photograph of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

15. Photo of black power

Photo of black power
Photo Source:

African American Bronze medal winner athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise a black power salute in a gesture of solidarity at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic game.

This photo’s value has come with the time frame. By the time American had used African people like the slave. 

16. Run to father

Run to father
Photo Source:

In this world famous photograph, five years old, Whitey Bernard leaves away from his mother’s hand and tries to run for his father.

His father was marching on the line of soldiers in British Columbia. Claude P. Dettloff took this photograph on 1st October in 1940.

17. The first real earth photo

The first real earth photo
Photo Source:

Astronaut William Anders took this very rare photograph during the Apollo 8 mission, 1968.

This famous photograph shows the appearance of the earth to the moon. This is a very rare chance for seen from our naked eye in our life. Therefore this photograph became a world famous photographs collection.

18. The Falling Man

The Falling Man
Photo Source:

A man was falling from the World Trade Center on 11th September 2001. Can you think about this moment? This moment has happened only a few seconds.

In these few seconds, this photographer could be captured this moment very clearly. Therefore this photograph became world-famous.

19. The dangerous lunch break

The dangerous lunch break
Photo Source:

This the world’s most dangerous lunch break photograph, and it was taken on 20th September in 1932.

There are 11 men were eating, chatting, and sneaking a smoke above 840 feets from the ground.

The world famous photograph was taken on the 69th floor of the flagship RCA Building. Now it is calling as the GE Building at New York City.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at those famous photographs in the world. Share your ideas regarding the famous photos in the below-commenting section. 


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